A Usual Gift: A List of Birthstones by Month

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A Usual Gift: A List of Birthstones by MonthMy little sister is really into all things zodiac and anything dealing with our inner ‘chi’ and what makes up who we are. She believes that our moods and personalities all have something to do with the current planetary alignment and the position of the stars. She’s been this way for years so my parents and I are pretty used to it by now, although sometimes she loses us a little bit in conversation. But what can I say? That’s my baby sis and I love her anyway.

For her 26th birthday I was completely unsure what to get for her since her tastes in clothes and things are rather different nowadays, however she helped me out by making her own request. She simply wanted a list of birthstones by month. Nothing more, nothing less; I asked her repeatedly if she was sure that was all she wanted and kept saying yes, so that’s what I was determined to get her.

Now, I didn’t want to just simply go online and print out a basic list off the internet- I wanted it to be more personal and have more personality than that.  So I went out and found a very unique looking list of birthstones by month that were listed out on this paper that was made to look like it had a mystical edge to it. I blew up the list to poster size, had it laminated, then had it put in a frame so that she could hang it on her wall. She fell in love with immediately! Now whenever we have guests over she brings them to her room so she can discuss what their birthstone means. Probably reads their fortune too!

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Top Commercial Melbourne Locksmith

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I  have found the best Melbourne locksmith dealing with commercial locks. Commercial locksmiths provide a complete service covering all security systems, locks and safes. They have highly experienced technicians and they cover all of South Western Australia.

I think they have an impressive official client list including the estate agent Knight Frank  and the local government agency for Western Australia. They an repair all kinds of locks including deadlocks, mortice locks, digital locks and electric entry systems. I am sure they are the best Perth locksmith to deal with complicated technical lock systems.

I saw that they have forty one stores and give a 60 month warranty and locks they install. They supply locks and equipment to the Australian  federal Police which is a tremendous recommendation. They work with Guardall safes which I know are a top safe manufacturer.

I could have my own individual key system installed for extra security so that each lock can be opened with a different key or, alternatively I could have a number of locks opened by the same key which would be good security for my home. I could also have a master key system controlling all the locks. This could be used in apartment blocks and hotels or offices where there are multiple locks in a single building. I think this is a good idea for extra security. Thieves have become more technically proficient .  I will definitely use this Perth locksmith for all my commercial security requirements and feel confident my business is safe.

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Looking for Painters in Melbourne

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Looking for Painters in PerthThe ad in the paper said they were looking for painters in Melbourne to show off their works at the county fair that was coming up in a few weeks.  See, they had a fair the last weekend of every July here in Perth, and they tried to get the whole community involved.  This year they were going to do a little art show for artists in Perth to show what they do.  If someone was interested the sales would go to charity and the works would be posted in the local newspaper with a write up about the artist who created anything sold.

I went into my studio.  Actually it was the reason I rented a 2 bedroom apartment, I used the extra bedroom as my own personal studio.  It was set up just the way I liked it and it made me feel like a professional when I stepped into it.  I was hired to do portraits for people of everything from their overly adored pet poodles to their grandparents.  I didn’t charge much, honestly, just enough for supplies and a little extra to treat myself to the good supplies too.  I loved to spoil myself with top of the line brushes and oils for my paintings.  When I was finished with a project, I’d also like to spoil myself with a sifter of cognac at the local bar.

I must say Perth had been good to me.  I was at home here and had rooted myself in the community as the painter to go to when you needed good work done at a fair price.  Life was good.

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Rings

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Finding the Perfect Wedding RingsWe walked into the jewelry store hand in hand and immediately about 3 clerks started heading for us.  It was actually kind of comical because it seemed like one was trying to outstep the others to be the first to get to us.  I felt a couple of squeezes to my hand and looked down at my fiancé’ and saw her grinning at me.  She apparently had noticed them as well too.  They were actually pretty darn hard to ignore.

Anyway the one that was trying to overstep, well, it worked and she made it to us first.  I told her that we were there to look at wedding rings.  In a voice that was like imitation sugar, the sickly sweet voice that one uses when they are trying to put off a sweet air when really you know it’s against their nature she said to follow her.  I felt another few squeezes and looked to see her grinning again as she held my hand.

We followed her to the far side of the store and she ran her hand over the glass case explaining how they had one of the largest and best collections of wedding rings in the area and if there was anything in particular we were looking for.

It took us awhile, but after about an hour we found the perfect wedding rings. They were golden bands with a decorative swirl on them and we knew these would be the rings that we would wear the rest of our days.

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Picking the Perfect Wedding Bands

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Searching for wedding bands for us was a pretty simple process.  She picked what she wanted, and I’d nod my head.  We should be in and out in no time flat. After all, a wedding band is just a simple circle of gold or other metal, how long could this take.  Well, my wife and I just got back from the store where they had ordered the rings we picked to be send out and sized for us.  Boy, I was way off base when I thought there would just be plain circles of gold.

There were all types of wedding bands there in the store.  Yes, most were golden bands, but as we were educated by the saleslady; there was yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, and even silver.  There was 10 karat, and 14 karat and rings with gems as well.  There were matching sets and individual bands for the crowd that was basically a “to each their own” crowd.  Then I saw it.  It was a ring, it was a circle of that on the top was a hand on each is de of the band and in the middle of the bands it looked like the hands were holding a heart.

I asked the saleslady about the rings and she told us they were known as claddagh rings, Irish wedding bands.  Well, neither my wife to be nor I were Irish but I really liked the idea of holding each other’s hearts in our hands.  She was ecstatic and said yes to the rings.  I left a happy man and hold her heart in my hands every day.

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Selling a Parrot

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Selling a ParrotIf you’re like me, sometimes you can get in over your head. I seem to have these seemingly brilliant ideas that will make my life better or change something huge that end up being more than I can take. This is exactly how I felt after having my parrot for a while and why I had to end up selling a parrot.


I guess I didn’t realize how much work it would be to own a parrot. It seemed like such a fun thing to have around the house, and while it was very fun it was also a lot of work. Owning a large bird required a big time commitment in order to keep them from feeling too cooped up. It also required a lot of space for that same reason. As fun as it was to show people our parrot it really was worth it to find somewhere where selling a parrot is an option.

While it was hard to part with it really was the best thing for me in that it freed up so much of my time that I would spend taking care of it. I didn’t really realize how much time I was putting in to caring for my parrot until I ended up selling it. It really was the best choice for me in that I wanted the parrot to be in a good home with someone who had the resources to care for it the way it deserved to be cared for.

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How to Sell Your Motel for a Good Profit

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When my husband and I decided it was time to sell our motel, I quickly discovered that selling a motel was a process that could take several months if not more than a year.

The first thing we did was to get an assessment of our motel. The agent was very thorough. She inspected the physical structure as well as our systems from the electric wiring to the key card access system and even the TVs in our guest rooms. At the end of the assessment, she told us what she thought the motel was worth. It was less than we’d hoped for but I think the assessment was very fair. Getting an assessment before putting the motel on the market was a smart move because it allowed us to address and update some things that could allow us to increase the worth of our motel. We spent several months performing updates to the motel and I have to admit, once we were done it looked almost brand new.

We also addressed any potential customer service issues. If a motel has a reputation for negative customer service, it can drive away potential buyers. Everyone that worked at our motel was very friendly and courteous but we wanted to make sure they were at the top of their game and knew how to handle all sorts of customer issues.

Finally, when the motel was listed for sale, I pulled together financial records for the last several years. All prospective buyers will want to see financial information so it is good to have it on hand.

Then we waited. And waited and kept the motel in pristine condition, just waiting for the right buyer to come along. It took a few months, but finally we found a buyer and were able to negotiate a fair price. Doing some work before we put the motel on the market allowed us to sell if for a nice profit.

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Wedding Cars in Melbourne

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My dad was very ill with cancer when I became engaged to be married. I wanted to make sure my dad was able to enjoy my wedding with me, so I didn’t spend as much time planning it as I would have if my dad had been healthy. It was very important to me that my dad be able to walk me down the aisle and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Since I wanted every moment of my day to be special, especially those parts that included my dad, I did some extra special planning. My dad is a bit of a car fanatic and being a working man, he could never afford the kind of car that he had always dreamed about. I talked to my mom and my brother and we decided one of the ways to give my dad an extra thrill on my wedding day was to hire a wedding car, but not just any wedding car, a car that he would be proud to arrive to his only daughter’s wedding in.

My brother took care of finding wedding cars in Melbourne for me. He selected premium car that my dad would be drooling over. My brother also had another surprise that I was not aware of. He arranged for a second car for the wedding. The first car took my parents and I to the wedding. My parents got to also use that car for transportation to the reception and home. The second car was for me and my husband.

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Selecting a Masquerade Mask

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I was invited to go to a masked ball put on by our social club. I quickly realized how hard it would be to pick a mask to wear. Not all masquerade masks are the same. Here is what to look for in a masquerade mask, if you ever need to wear one.

First things first, decide if you want a mask that ties on with a ribbon or one that is handheld (usually attached to an ornate stick). The ribbon ones let you keep your hands free which is nice but as I found out, wearing a mask for most of the night can feel a little uncomfortable. If you are going to wear a mask that ties, I suggest getting one made of a breathable material to keep your makeup from sweating off. Handheld masks can be nice for this reason but with this type of mask, for most of the evening you will only have one hand free. This can get awkward with eating, drinking, and dancing.

Not all masks are suitable for modern masked balls. Historically, masquerade masks included masks that were caricatures of historic figures or archetypes of ideas. Some of the traditional masquerade masks were masks of animals and some were enormous and covered the whole face and much of the head and neck. Most of these mask shapes look best with a costume but paired with contemporary evening clothes, they can look a little silly. I think the masks that looked the best at our social club ball were the luxurious masks that were decorated with crystals and beads or feathers. These masks seem more current and better match modern evening clothes.

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Decorating Your Patio For Less

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Last summer, we redid our backyard and patio. I had grand plans of creating one of those outdoor living spaces with a rug, chairs, a sofa, and a small dining table or bar for dining al fresco. But after fixing the patio concrete and dealing with an unexpected sprinkler system issue, my budget for outdoor furniture was considerably smaller than I had planned. I didn’t want to give up on my outdoor living space dream and luckily, with a little planning I didn’t have to.

The first thing I had to figure out was where to find cheap outdoor furniture. I had my heart set on new furniture, but it needed to be inexpensive. I looked online and I found out there are some ways to save big bucks on outdoor furniture.

One of the biggest cost savers is to wait until mid-summer. Usually after July 4, patio furniture starts to go on sale at large department stores because they want to make room for their fall and winter items. Waiting until mid-summer can let you buy patio sets at huge discounts. A way to save even more money is to purchase the floor sample. Usually the floor model is in good condition and at some stores you can get an additional 10-20% off by purchasing the floor sample.

A not very well known way to save money is to contact the furniture manufacturers directly and ask if they have factory sales. Most outdoor furniture manufacturers open their doors to the public once or twice a year to sell their leftover stock of furniture.

In the end, after some research and planning, I got the outdoor living space of my dreams at a fraction of the cost.

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Tips For Buying A Used Golf Cart

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Tips For Buying A Used Golf CartFor our retirement, my husband and I bought a bed and breakfast that included several secluded rental cabins. We soon realized the reason the rental cabins weren’t popular was because there was no way to drive a car to them; guests always had to park in the main parking lot and walk down a fairly long gravel path. We thought buying used golf carts that the cabin guests could use would be a nice benefit for the cabin guests and might even increase the cabin rentals.

Golf carts, even used golf carts can be a major purchase so we wanted to get the most for our money that we could. Electric used golf carts were the least expensive and fairly quiet but it would require our guests to plug them in to charge every evening. Even though they cost more we decided to find gas powered used golf carts since a single tank of gas would probably last cabin guests for their entire stay with us.

We found several used golf carts that were in very good condition. They were two-seaters and had space behind the seat for guests’ luggage. Immediately, guests loved the golf carts. It is such a convenient way for them to come up to the house for breakfast as well as getting to their cars. In a very short time, we noticed an increase in cabin rentals and I think a large part of it has to do with the golf carts which help make the cabins more user friendly. As business owners, we’ve found several uses for the golf carts as well. The used golf carts are a great way to do landscaping and maintenance on our business.

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Hiring A Limousine For A Formal

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A few other parents and I wanted to do something special for our kids’ high school formal. The kids have worked so hard and we wanted them to have a fun and memorable formal. We decided to hire a Melbourne limousine service to treat the kids.

We wanted to hire a Brisbane limousine service that would get the kids to the formal safely but also provide a fun and memorable experience. After talking with a few companies, I found one hire Brisbane limousine company that used luxurious, corporate type stretch limousines that would be fun for our kids to ride in. The chauffeur was nice and friendly and the Brisbane limousine company had stocked the back of the limo with snacks and sodas. The back of the limousine was very festive. There were multi-colored lights on and music playing. There was even a TV and DVD player. Even before the kids got in the hire Brisbane limousine they were having a good time taking pictures.

The ride to the high school formal could not have been more fun for the kids. They were able to clown around and have a mini party in the back while the hire Brisbane limousine got them safely to the formal. We hired the car for the whole night so after the formal, the chauffeur took them to the after-party and I and the other parents felt comfortable knowing our kids were being driven around safely.

The kids were pretty tired by the time they got home but they could not stop talking about how much fun they had in the hire Brisbane limousine as well as how much they enjoyed making an entrance at their formal when they exited the limo.

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